Bingocize® combines the game of bingo, exercise and/or health education. Groups of participants play for 45-60 minutes twice a week.

About the class

Trained lay leaders may select between three separate 100-week units that focus on exercise-only; exercise and falls prevention; or exercise and nutrition. Each 45-60 minute session consisting of exercise (range of motion, balance, muscle strengthening, and endurance exercises) and/or health education questions.

Benefits of the class

  • Improved lower/upper body strength, gait, balance, and range of motion
  • Improved aspects of cognition (executive function)
  • Increased interaction with others
  • Improved knowledge of falls risk reduction and nutrition
  • Improved patient activation

Who should take the class

Bingocize® is for sedentary older adults of all physical and mental abilities in a variety of settings. These settings include certified nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, and community senior centers.

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