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National Diabetes Prevention Program

Designed for people at risk for Type 2 diabetes, the Diabetes Prevention Program is a community-based, lifestyle change program that can cut the risk of diabetes in half.

About the class

This class meets for an hour for sixteen weeks, followed by monthly meetings for the next six months. Each class includes a new topic on how to become healthier. You will learn how to 

  • Lose body weight 
  • Increase physical activity 
  • Eat heathier 
  • Use practical strategies for staying motivated 
  • Manage stress, solve problems and avoid negative thoughts 

The Diabetes Prevention Program is an evidence-based program developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Benefits of the class

  • Learn about healthy eating 
  • Increase physical activity 
  • Learn how to get and stay motivated 
  • Participate in group discussions to develop goals and problem solve together 
  • Become more involved in your community and with your neighbors 

Who should take the class

This class is for anyone who is motivated to lose weight, live a healthier life and make a significant commitment to the program. It is particularly suited for people who 

  • Have a diagnosis of pre-diabetes or are at risk for diabetes 
  • Are overweight (BMI greater than 24) 
  • Are at least age 18 

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